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Sanjay Nambiar grew up in Carson, CA, where he overcame a gang- and drug-riddled environment with the help of a closely-knit family and a focus on education. He graduated with honors from U.C. Berkeley, with degrees in Economics and Neurobiology, and earned an M.B.A. from UCLA. He now is a freelance copywriter in Los Angeles, CA. Sanjay practices meditation on a daily basis and sees extraordinary potential for happiness (and frustration) in the confluence of Western lifestyles and Eastern philosophies. Through his books, Sanjay hopes to inspire readers to consider life in a different perspective, one that incorporates a little bit of Zen as well as a lot of fun. He won a Mom's Choice Awards Silver Medal and a Gelett Burgess Children's Book Awards Gold Medal for his debut book, "Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)".


Praise for the A Little Zen for Little Ones Series


An interview with Jean-Noel Bassior of L.A. Talk Live's "The Book Beat".



"This book series embraces several Zen concepts of living, in which the author hopes to inspire his readers to 'consider life in a different perspective'. Important life values are highlighted in each story, such as enjoy each moment of your life, do something nice without expecting a reward, let go of bad experiences, dwell on the positive and not the negative. These books, intended for little ones ages 5 to 8, put into perspective long lasting and impressionable life lessons that even adults still struggle with today. Make a note to collect these books for your kids’ must-read collection."

-- D.B. Rhoomes,; read the full review


". . . you might try reading the 3 children's books by Sanjay Nambiar; they form a series called A Little Zen for Little Ones. Mr. Nambiar has written the books to try and convey some of the concepts of Zen in a way that's easy for children to understand and easy for parents to discuss with their children. Ideas like: making the most of the present; letting go of the past; doing nice deeds without expecting a reward; keeping your perspective in spite of life's events, whether positive or negative; are presented in the series. The stories are written about children, beautifully illustrated in a way that appeals to children and makes them interested in the story, and the lessons are easy to grasp. Each story can be the start of a great discussion, depending on the moment and age of your children!"

-- Glimpse Reviews; read the full review


Praise for “Remember the Stars (A Little Zen for Little Ones)”


"What an opportunity to read a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that is meant to be read to a child but whose message is specifically targeting parents! This book really had an impact on me because I could recognize myself in the characters of the parents. . . . Along with this important message, the book is beautifully illustrated. . . .This is one of my favorite pictures books of the year! I would highly, highly recommend this book to parents who have children ages 3+."

-- Mother Daughter Book Reviews; read the full review


"Taking the simple, yet valuable life lessons of Zen and breaking them down into impressionable stories children can embrace is very insightful of the author and rewarding for both children and parents . . . I like that the boy is wise in the story, because there are times in our real lives where it does take the little ones to point out to us what really matters . . . Nambiar presents a real inspiring lesson for kids to learn how to better prepare for adulthood. 'Remember the Stars' reminds us that we should slow down and take time to 'smell the roses' and savor the moment; well in this case, take time to gaze upon and 'remember the stars'!"

-- D.B. Rhoomes,; read the full review


". . . I applaud the author for bringing such an important message to young families, when nowadays everyone’s time is overly-structured, and life so busy, they can hardly manage to eat dinner together. "

-- Nancy Partridge,; read the full review


"Mr. Nambiar does a good job of sharing the calming wisdom of Zen in an environment that children can grasp and understand. The illustrations are fun and the cover of the book is not only covered with stars but has a dot-to-dot so you can connect the shapes of some of the stars . . . I would love to give this book as a gift or encourage any child over 5 to read and enjoy it. It was even some very Zen advice, written especially for me - Worry about today and let the future take care of itself. 5/5 Stars!"

-- Liberty Ann Ireland, 3PsinaPod; read the full review


Praise for “Still There? (A Little Zen for Little Ones)”


"In only a few words and pages, 'Still There?' was able to change my perspective and turn my day around. It’s amazing how much power one children’s book can hold. . . Colorful, modern illustrations engage the reader. . . Children are sure to enjoy the distinctive styles and personalities of the three characters. . . 'Still There?' is an invitation to engage in meaningful conversation with your children. After reading it, you will find yourself letting go of any lingering emotion you may have from the day."

-- Cameron Crane, Little Pickle Press; read the full review



Praise for “Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)”


"This soulful little book, with its colorful pictures, teaches kids the valuable message that sometimes not getting what they want is a good thing... a message many adults are still struggling to learn."

-- Dr. Jenn Berman, Best-Selling Author of "SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years", "Rockin' Babies", and "The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids"


"'Maybe: A Little Zen for Little Ones' is an excellent read-aloud storybook to share with young people, especially when teaching them about the unpredictable nature of life itself. Highly recommended."

-- Midwest Book Review


"The parents I work with love how this book puts good luck and bad luck into perspective. The story is precious and has a real impact."

-- Dr. Esther Hess, Center for the Developing Mind


"I love cute stories to read to my kids. I really love cute stories that have a good learning point. Maybe, A Little Zen For Little Ones, is one of those. My 2 yr old loves this book, and will even bypass her beloved Winnie The Pooh books to ask me to read this one to her. I am going to be giving a copy to a friends daughter for Christmas also. That is how much we fell in love with this adorable story."

-- What Mama Wants blog; read the full review


"If kids take away even a smidgeon of this message, parents and caregivers will find them more relaxed and philosophically prepared to deal with events as they take place."

-- The Giggle Guide; read the full review


"Maybe: A Little Zen for Little Ones by Sanjay Nambiar is a good example of peace education with a message that shows children that sometimes things that might initially appear negative can have a positive outcome. The book teaches readers about values that every child and adult should all follow as an example of having a happier, more satisfied life. Maybe gives readers an idea of what is really important in relatable experiences for small children. I happily add Maybe: A Little Zen for Little Ones to my bookshelf and recommend it to parents and teachers alike."

-- Michelle Landwehr,; read the full review


" . . . it puts a little zen into modern life which perhaps might make children rethink their luck, both good and bad. The book is $16 but the lesson is priceless!"

-- Pragmatic Mom blog; read the full review


"This book is very cute, and entertaining. The artwork is great, my middle son – “The Artist” really enjoyed. The story has a great ebb and flow of going back and forth about what’s good luck and what’s bad luck. The ultimately lesson – I think – is about perspective and teaching your children to be grateful and appreciate what they have, not worrying about what others get that they did not."

-- 3 Boys and a Dog blog; read the full review


"Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones) is a neat way to help explain to young children that there will be daily trials and tribulations and yet to try and slow down and enjoy the littlest miracles and wonders in life."

-- Central MN Mom blog; read the full review


"This is a wonderful children's book with great life lessons."

-- Book Bargains and Previews; read the full review


"What I really like about your book, and what I see in my son's response after reading it, is that it appears to be such a simple story on its face. However, it opens such a deep and fundamental philosophical discussion on the Zen principle that you illuminate. I can see that my son is challenged by the book and wants to understand it more, and I love that about it. You have done an incredible job with the story and you deserve the awards you are receiving. Well done!"

-- Matthew Swanlund, Author of the Children's Book, "My Funny Body"


Five-Star Review from The Itzel Library (blogger from Mexico; review is in Spanish):


"Sanjay Nambiar's "Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)" brings in much needed balance and tranquility into the increasingly stressful world children today are having to face. Whether it's peer pressure from living in a high performance area like Silicon Valley or surviving with the economic hardships of smalltown America, this book brings it all home for all parents, back to the basic human values that too often seem to be forgotten in our society."

-- Birgitte Rasine, author, "The Serpent and the Jaguar"

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